ASK is a leading professional crystal resonators and crystal oscillators supplier.
ASK is committed to providing high-performance and reliable products to customers worldwide thanks to an R&D and engineering team with extensive experience.
ASK is active in many markets, such as telecommunication, IoT, instrumentation, medical and computer industries.
ASK provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of frequency control devices on the market including :      

                    Quartz crystals  :  Dip crystals  – SMD crystals – SMD 32.768KHz crystals – Crystal filters

                    Crystals oscillators :  CMOS  / LVPECL /LVDS /HCSL output crystal oscillators  -KHZ crystals oscillators – Spread spectrum oscillators



                    SAW Devices

                    Ceramic resonators & filters

ASK is in synch with your product roadmaps and is your best partner for innovations


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